All terms of the contract:

The tenant agrees to keep the vehicle under the same conditions in which it is delivered.

The prices include:

  • Fees and taxes
  • VAT, according to law
  • Full insurance with no excess. According conditions mentioned above.
  • Assistance 24 hours.
  • Additional driver
  • Unlimited mileage
  • Child car seat and booster children.

Prices do not include:

  • Lost or broken keys.
  • Fuel. The vehicle will be delivered with a full tank, the client will returned in the same state, obligatorily, otherwise the company will retain the entire deposit left for that purpose, such deposit will be €100.00 if it's a Class A, Class B or Motorcycle or €150,00 if it's a Class C or D.
  • The renter will be responsible for the costs incurred in the removal and / or repair of the damage to the vehicle, and lost profits for the immobilisation of the vehicle, if refuelling is wrong or contaminated with any strange other liquid. The lessee shall be liable for the costs incurred in the transfer and / or repair of the damage to the vehicle, also the lessee shall be responsible for loss of profit for the immobilisation of the vehicle.

Conditions for the driver:

Minimum age 25 years and driving license with two years of experience.

Vehicle Collection:

The cars are delivered during office hours 9-12 and 17-20 h in our offices:

  • Cala Blanca:
  • Avenida de la Playa s/n
  • Cala'n Blanes - Cales Piques:
  • Delivery and pick-up in hotel or apartment
  • Son Xoriguer - Cala'n Bosch:
  • Calle Gran Vía Son Xoriguer s/n
  • Puerto Ciutadella:
  • Calle Vorera Dels Molls. S/N (In the same terminal of the Ferry)
  • Urbanización Los Delfines III:
  • Delivery and pick-up in hotel or apartment

Return of the vehicle:

The vehicle will be returned at the time agreed in the contract. There is a time delay complimentary half hour. After this time will be charged an extra day.

By accepting this contract the tenant acknowledges receiving the vehicle in perfect operating conditions, with the necessary documentation and all necessary accessories such as: spare wheels, tools, reflective vest and all that are required by law to wear.

Obligations of the renter.

The renter is obligated to:
  • Do not let drive people who are not expressly authorised in the contract as the first tenant authorised driver or the co-driver, they are the only ones who have secured attribute.
  • Do not sublet the vehicle.
  • Do not drive drunk, under drugs or medication not allowed to drive, fatigue, illness or any condition that reduces the physical conditions.
  • Do not push or tow other vehicles. Or participate in competitions or endurance of materials.
  • Guarding the car properly when not present.
  • Do not transport animals.
  • Do not take the rented vehicle out of the island under any circumstances.
  • Do not drive outside the national road network or on any unsuitable terrain, the re will be excluded any damage as a result of bad driving, from SCDW insurance coverage.
  • Stop the vehicle and stop the engine if any red light indicates failure and contact the company immediately.
  • Return the vehicle in the place, date and time indicated in the contract. In case of any extension, the company must give permission 24 hours before the end of the contract, making a new contract, if there is availability, otherwise, the company would denied that extension.
  • the renter has to pay:
    • The rent and fuel tank, according to the rates that applied at all times in the company, in cash or accepted card.
    • Costs incurred by the lessor in the claim amounts due under this contract.
    • The amount of all fines, court costs and extrajudicial, arising from violations of the Road Safety Act, which are aimed at the vehicle.
    • The cost of repairing damage caused by collision, overturning or breakdown of the vehicle or damage to the lessor due to theft in if the tenant falls within any of the cases that are excluded from the coverage of this contract.
    • The amount of any spare wheel, tire, tool, top, radio or key that at the end of the contract is missing from the vehicle, pointing out that any failure or replacement is not covered by any insurance policy, being the renter the responsible.
    • The cost of the key for loss or breakage.
    • Amounts for the fuel, the vehicle comes with a full tank, the renter must return it full, otherwise the company will retain the entire deposit left by the customer when the car was taken the first day. The renter shall be liable for the costs incurred in the repair and removal of the vehicle, caused by improper or contaminated fuel report. Likewise, the lessee shall pay the lessor the respective lost of profit for the immobilisation of the vehicle.
    • The penalty, in case of sinister, if the renter has not filled the accident report, or has not notify the authorities of the accident or theft. The lack of such parties nullifies any insurance that the lessee has contracted with the company.


Only the driver or drivers specifically accepted by the lessor are insured.

The copy of the insurance is available at the company headquarters. This policy covers civil liability and damages against third parties in accordance with the Spanish current laws, CDW.

The renter agrees with this policy and undertakes to observe its terms and conditions.

In the current overall rate of the contract rental price and basic liability insurance (CDW) it is established. The company, Autos Vivó, if it is well expressed in the contract, offers an optional service, SCDW (insurance without excess) directly to the renter, which exempts the renter, by accepting (paying or not, as established by the company's rate), the payment of any loss or damage caused to the vehicle that is not covered by the CDW and TP (partial exemption from responsibility in case of partial or total theft of the vehicle and damage caused to it by vandalism) submit to the exclusions expressly referred to and listed in this contract.

The guarantee does not cover clothes and transported objects.

The insurance is only extended to rental period stipulated in this contract. After this period and unless expressly prorogation accepted, Autos Vivo will not be responsible for any accidents or damage that the renter may cause, the renter shall be solely responsible.

When the driver is not in normal conditions by ingestion of alcohol, drugs or other cause, the renter and the driver will jointly be solely responsible for any damage that may cause to the caro r the company. Although the lessee have contracted any of the named insurance SCDW, TP, these do not cover damage caused to the vehicle or driver physicists, lessee and passengers, or any other kind caused as a result of reckless driving or violates the commitments acquired in this contract.


The tenant agrees to immediately report any accident to the lessor and comprehensive collaboration in defence of any claim and process, the insurance company and lessor.

Taking the following measures:
  • a) Not recognise or prejudge responsibility for the fact, unless the accident report.
  • b) To obtain full details of the other party, make friendly declamation accident, which will be urgently given to Autos Vivo.
  • c) Do not leave the vehicle without taking appropriate measures.

if the tenant breach any of these measures, Autos Vivo´s company may require the tenant damages caused by negligence and cancel the insurance granted.

In case of accident caused by the renter, Autos Vivo reserves the right not to replace the vehicle for another, no money will be refunded for not completed rental period. Claiming fuel consumed.


In case of theft of the vehicle, the renter is required to file the appropriate report to the competent authority, providing it with the car keys to the company, otherwise the insurance coverage contracted will not be valid.

Maintenance and repairs:

Normal wear or mechanical failure of the car are borne by the lessor. The lessee is not authorised to perform or order any vehicle repair.

The tenant is responsible for charges for damages or deterioration caused by abuse, neglect and failure, if renter breach terms of general conditions, he/her will lose the contracted insurance coverage.

the renter admits to know all these lease provisions. the tenant accepts each and every one of these general conditions, which are added with the specific general Spanish legislation for consumers and users. And the issues that may arise under this contract between Autos Vivo and renter are in the competence of Spanish courts and tribunals, to which both parties submit.


All reservations made between March 14, 2020 and August 31, 2020, may enjoy a cancellation 24 hours before the pickup of the vehicle, reservations made prior to the promotion launched on March 14, 2020 will have to accept the general conditions of cancellation of reservations expressed here:

You may cancel the contracted services. If the cancellation of reservation is made twenty or more days prior to the date set for the pickup, it will be refunded the full amount of the amount paid as deposit when booking. If the cancellation of reservation is made at least twenty days in advance, the company will not return the deposit in question under any circumstances. While you are entitled to a refund of the deposit, the amount is charged as compensation.

*In case of breach of any of the clauses of the contract the company will have the right not to return the deposit as a penalty.

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